Jay Leno and the Tonight Show

The Tonight Show (NBC) Writers: Joe Medeiros, Beth Armogida, Anthony Caleca, Jack Coen, Mike Colasuonno, Larry Jacobson, Michael Jann, Wayne Kline, Jon Macks, Andy McElfresh, Dave Rygalski, Steve Ridgeway, Michael Riedel, John Romeo, Peter Sears, Jim Shaughnessy, Beth Sherman, Marvin Silbermintz, Jeffrey Spear and Rob Young Writers in March 2003

Jay Leno still at it …

Jay Leno’s monologue, Monday July 10th: Congratulations to the Italian people for winning the World Cup. … They won after France’s best player got ejected for head butting. That’s the closest anyone in a French uniform has come to combat in 60 years. For historical accuracy, we feel we need

Jay Leno at it again

The following are “jokes” from Jay Leno’s monologue of Monday November 7th 2005. “This is now the twelfth day of rioting in France. They have been rioting for almost two weeks. And France has still not surrendered. That’s like a record. Things are so bad in France, they’re asking the

Jay Leno And History

Jay Leno’s writers, amongst many, have had a field day with portraying France as a country of cowards, surrender-monkeys. Even the most novice historians know that France surrendered to Nazi Germany in World War II in the midst of complete political and military collapse. Serious historians find this era fascinating

Sneak Preview to Educating Jay

Update for Miquelon.org readers: we’re looking into ways to broadcast the event tomorrow night via a private page. I’ll update you in the next 24 hours. **SNEAK PREVIEW** Educating Jay Special Invite Closed Screening Co-written and directed by Shannonn Kelly. Music by Paul Stirling Taylor Marc Cormier, the “Michael Moore”